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I had earlier touched on the initiative here, which is (primarily)aimed at graduates, or people who have little or no experience, but so what if you have plenty of experience at a senior level, but you have found yourself in the same situation of being unemployed?

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Well, there is another intiative, called which is specifically aimed at those people who have years of experience as a company head, departmental managers etc.
Judging on the type of projects available, there is scope for quite a few different types of specialities from beauty therapy to Website design , countrywide.

I took this this from website:
Are you a professional who has been made redundant and are you interested in:

•Participating in a work placement programme?
•Using your skills, keeping them current?
•Exploring employment options that maximise your strengths?
•Availing of mentor support as you develop career options?
•Developing new skills in new areas?
•Achieving an Institute for Leadership and Management Award in Leadership and a FETAC Level 5 Award?

This programme, provided by the Labour Market Activation Fund and operated by the Department of Education and Skills, is definitely for you!

What’s Involved?

•Complete the Expression of Interest form with your C.V. outlining your skills and areas of interest

Please post this form to:
Begin Again, ICBE, Roselawn Suite 2, National Technology Park, Limerick or fill out our online form at the following link: Apply Online

•Participate in a telephone interview to determine suitability and applicability
•Participate in 10 days formal training (spread over 14 weeks) designed to support those made redundant
•Work in a company for 12 weeks gaining experience and ensuring your skills are practically applied
•Avail of one-to-one mentor support throughout your placement experience
•Develop a network of support to revitalise your career

Note: Participating in this programme will NOT affect your Social Welfare Benefits.

What’s In It For You?

•Develop your skills
•Back to work – work on a relevant project
•Maintain your motivation and confidence
•Actively participate in securing your future
•Develop new networks
•Maximise the support of one-to-one mentoring

Hope this is usefull to someone!
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