The Dell Command Centre is hiring in Limerick

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I am sure you have all heard about the sudden closure of the Dell manufacturing plant in Limerick in 2009, causing the loss of 1900 jobs, and that’s not including all the indirect jobs. It’s a touchy subject at many levels, and I feel sorry for anyone who was at the receiving end of loosing their job.

As one of the topics of this blog is about finding a job in Ireland, a few friends of mine were telling me they had had interviews at Dell recenty, and as it happens they both have recently started their new job in the Dell Command Centre.  So then I started investigating… Command Centre… sounds interesting.

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This is what I found on their website :
• The EMEA Enterprise Command Centre in Limerick

This centralised base of operations provides high-level 24x7x365 support for server and storage customers in EMEA in addition to being a single point of accountability for Dell’s global customers based in the EMEA. Relying on industry-leading technologies to provide real-time tracking of customer issues, technicians and service parts, the centre will also leverage live weather and news feeds to proactively identify and mitigate any potential delays in customer service. This centralised base of operation in Limerick enables Dell’s technical support experts to visually track and manage service delivery from beginning to end while helping to reduce reaction time and customer down time during critical situations

This is not the only activity in Limerick, follow this link to have an overview of the other divisions operating out of Limerick.

You can find the vacanies on  their website  and just select country Ireland and then location Munster.
I also found this website, containing jobs related to the Command Centre.

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