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Many parents need help, friendship, advice or support during those early years when children are young. Every family is different, indeed every child is different. There is no rulebook for raising a family and sometimes it can seem overwhelming, particularly if your family is going through difficult times.

As a parent you might ask for Home-Start’s help for all sorts of reasons:

You may be feeling isolated in your community, have no family nearby and be struggling to make friends
You may be feeling low or depressed after giving birth
You may be finding it hard to cope because of your own or your child’s illness.
You may have been hit hard by the death of a loved one.
You may be really struggling with emotional and physical demands of having twins or triplets – perhaps born into an already large family.

Help is at hand. We support any family who needs us, as long as they have at least one child under five.

Home-Start is an independent, voluntary organisation. If you ask for Home-Start’s help you can be sure of total confidentiality.

After asking for our support you will meet with one of our local coordinators who will carefully match you with one of our volunteers. Our volunteers, who all have parenting experience, will visit you for a couple of hours a week and give you both emotional and practical help.

The often overwhelming demands of rearing young children can take their toll on any parent. There is nothing uncommon about asking for help from Home-Start. Parents often need support in coping and Home-Start is here to help.

I noticed that they recenty added their brochues in a variety of languages:
French, Czeck,Latvian,Lithuanian,Portuguese and Russian.
Check out this link.
Homestart is always looking for volunteers, if you are interested to become a volunteer, click here or listen to the experience of a Home Start Volunteer.

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