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I recently discovered I no longer need to be at my computer and can blog from the Blogger App! 
I am at an event in Gort which is the nearest town near me.
It’s an event sponsored by Bank of Ireland and it brings the various players together both on a commercial level but also a number of clubs and societies! 
Enclosing some music being played and Irish dancing. Rugby and hurling is being played outside.
Some of the stands are really interesting and cover local history ! I have often blogged about Coole Park, and it will make a nice trip to also go to the Kiltartan museum as it has all the artifacts of the then Coole House!

Delighted to hear that Gort will have it’s own youth cafe!
I took a few videos but can’t post thrm from the app, will post them later!
There are plenty of demonstrations of sports, music and dance ! I took a picture  of a beautiful marriage of dance and music – dressed in their hurling kit, wearing Irish dancing shoes!

Great turn out and great to see so many people getting together in this beautiful part of the country, Gort and surroundings!


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