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Hi all,

I used to spend my Saturday morning at a rugby pitch with son nr.2 whilst my better half was at a football pitch with son nr.1. Now that the rugby season is over I have moved pitches and enjoyed watching both of them in their warm up! 

I went for a walk in Kilcornan woods and returned via the Brothers of Charity. It brought back some memories as we used to live in Clarinbridge and did many walks trying to get Rueben to sleep. I usually succeeded, however the moment I arrived back at the house he’d open his eyes:)
It got rather wet so we headed to Oranmore to go and watch a movie. 
I paid 22€. 9€ for myself and €6.50 for the kids each.
On the way in the elevator I noticed they have special online pricing for Thursday viewings @ only 5€ and a meal deal with a cinema ticket on a Wednesday @ €10.

They also have a kiddies club on a Sunday – usually around 12:30- at the very interesting rate of €3 per person!!

Must remember this for next time!
Let’s watch Spongebob!!

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