Have you got young kinds? Creevagh national school in Co. Mayo wants you!

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I was listening to a very interesting interview on Liveline, about a small school in  the West of Ireland in Co. Mayo that is in urgent need for 3 new pupils by Easter. If the pupils are not found, the school will need to get fused with a nearby school.The school is called Creevagh National school, and is located in Co.Mayo, overlooking the beach. As Paddy was saying, the beach is a short walk from the school, and is Ireland’s largest playground of 650 acres of beach… I went to Google Earth and found this picture :

There was also Tweet that went out with some other gorgeous pictures:


This map gives you a better idea of where Creevagh is located.

I would highly recommend you listen to the interview if you are thinking of making the big move to the country.  You’ll hear some people calling in into the show that would love to move, others that have moved and are taking stock, and oh yes, Honest Shipping offering their service free of charge should the lady from Tallaght decide to relocate. It’s fun to listen to!

If phrases like: clean air, no traffic jams, low density, close(r) to nature, near to the beach, small community are music to your ears, contact Rural Resettlement Ireland.

Some background to Rural Resettlement Ireland ( RRI)

Jim Connoly started rural resettlement Ireland 21 years ago and so far over 700 families have moved under this programme. There has been a massive change in planning policy towards urbanisation,  high density housing and high rise apartments in this country. People can make up their own minds. For those who wish to move to the country, RRI provide a free service designed to assist you in every way we can. We are motivated only by humanitarian concerns. High on the list are the quality of life of all people and respect for Ireland’s 5,000 year old settlement pattern of a populated, living countryside.
We believe our work brings joy and benefits to individual families, to rural communities and to the nation.

Hope Paddy Lavin finds the pupils so the school can remain open!




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