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Oh my .. where is time going.. our eldest son is going to secondary school this September, and I just remembered reading something  about having to apply for school transport.  It’s actually a bit of a  hot topic, as where you live dictates pretty much where your kids can go to school, assuming you wish to avail of the school transport scheme.  So what is this all about ? Below information is from the every so reliable http://www.citizensinformation.ie website.

Changes from 2012

The school’s Catchment Boundary Area was used up to 2012-2013 to determine the eligibility of post-primary pupils for school transport. Under this system, pupils living more than 4.8 kilometres from the post-primary school catering for the catchment area where they live are fully eligible for school transport to their school. Pupils who became eligible for transport under this arrangement continue to be eligible so long as their circumstances remain the same, for example where they continue to reside at the same address and attend the same school.

Since September 2012, pupils who start post-primary school will not be assessed under the catchment area system. They must be living 4.8 km or more from the nearest post-primary education centre, having regard to ethos and language, in order to qualify for transport. More detailed information here and a FAQ here.

So in a nutshell, if your preferred school is not your nearest education centre, your child may get a seat on the bus (Concessionary transport), but this is not guaranteed for the remaining years. As we live in the country, we only really had two choices, Seamount College in Kinvara or Gort Community school. Gort is nearest to us, and most of his friends are going to Gort, so he’ll be heading to secondary school in Gort. It will be a big change, going from a 100 pupil school to a 700(!) pupil school. Anyway, I am disgressing 🙂

So where to apply for the School transport? Click here to register. You’ll then add your details and specify where you live( this was quite sophisticated as you had to select on a map where you live ,  add your PPS number and then you can add students, their PPS number and the school and class they will be attending and then you press apply. Bingo, we are eligible.

Picture of application process for School Transport

I wanted to see what would happen if I entered an application for our younger son, as I know there is another primary school a little nearer. We decided not to send the boys there, as the roads near to the school tend to flood during the winter time, it would mean a detour via Gort to get to that school, so we settled on the school in Labane. Additionally the school in Labane has an excellent creche across, so the choice was made.

picture of not being eligible for school transport

The closing date is Friday 28 April 2017, so if you haven’t applied yet, there is still some time! And we just sit and wait for his ticket. The full year will cost 350 Euros.

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