Google Local Guide

Google Local Guides – What does this mean?

I don’t work for Google, nor do they pay me (!) but as I go about my regular business, I add images of businesses I come across, add images and reviews,and generally update the map so it has accurate info. I have been doing this for a good while and then somehow I enrolled in their program. We are now July 2017 and I am at level 6 – there are 10 levels. You can join too, just click on the below image, it’s free.

Google Local Guide

Get found on Google, grow your business

I am setting up the very first Google local guide meet up in Gort on the 12th of August – more info on the below image!

Get Gort on the Google Map

Meet up on the 12th of August

Or click on this link :

If you can’t make and would like me to help you( for a small fee), or are interested how the Google tools can help you in your daily work, please drop me an email

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