Can you claim Irish citizenship? Maybe you can!

I wanted to find out a bit more about citizenship in Ireland, as if you are not Irish, or can’t claim Irish Citizenship, or don’t hold an EU/Swiss Passport, getting a job without a workpermit is going to be tricky enough, so before I get into the the labyrinth of workpermits or visas, here is an extract of the website
Q. Citizenship by Descent. FAQ Irish Citizenship

A. A person whose father or mother was an Irish citizen at the time of his/her birth is automatically an Irish citizen.
A person whose grandfather or grandmother was born in Ireland may become an Irish citizen by registering in the Foreign Births Register at an Irish Embassy or Consular Office or at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

A person whose great-grandfather or great-grandmother was born in Ireland may register for Irish citizenship provided that their parents had registered in the Foreign Births Register at the time of the person’s birth. ( Note: If, in the last instance, the parent had registered prior to 31st December, 1986, the person can register at any time. The Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act, 1986, introduced a provision whereby registration in the Foreign Births Register after the aforementioned date granted citizenship from the date of registration only.)

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