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Demand for people with  foreign languages is high in Ireland, but to find the people with the right experience and the right language proficiency proves difficult for some recruiters, particularly if they are not the main(European) languages.

NUI Galway is offering a new Masters Programme, outlined below for native speakers of English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish .

This Masters Programme is designed to provide advanced linguistic and technical training in order to prepare linguists for careers in several areas of specialised language work in which there is a rapidly growing demand both in Ireland and abroad. It will offer graduates the possibility of developing their language skills to a very high level, deepening their understanding of the workings of language as an essential communication tool and gaining experience in the rapidly growing area of translation technology. It caters for students whose first language is English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish and who are competent in at least one of the others.
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Programme aims and objectives:

Advanced language skills (students will acquire a very high level of communication skills in their chosen language both oral and written.
Development of skills in advanced and specialised translation with an emphais on translation software andthe the latest technological developments in translation work.

Training in the skills of consecutive interpreting.

The development of skills in intercultural communiction: the aim of this module is to equip students with the transferable skills necessary to work successfully in an international environment.

Training in the production of professional and polished translated documents.

Training in the skills of subtitling.
To find a full course outline, please visit :

I was looking at  and is recruiting for a wide variety of languages, such as Arabic, Pashtu,Burmese, Farsi,Tigrinya, Amharic,Dari,Bengali,Nepalese,Somali,Tamil, Kurdish, Malinka, Armenian, Hindi, Bajuni, Vietnamese.

Person required for ongoing assignments in Galway. The position requires simultaneous/consecutive interpreting duties and travel to various locations throughout the region will be necessary.
You must have your own transport and good travel allowances are paid.
Your ability to speak the languages concerned to a high standard is of crucial importance and you must have experience as an Interpreter.
Must be eligible to work in Ireland and the EEA. Necessary to hold 3rd Level Qualification in the language or English and have experience as an Interpreter.

If you feel this position is suitable for you, please e-mail your CV to or fax your CV to: 01 6520766

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