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As I mentioned in my earlier article about the Kinvara Market, I missed out on my baker’s dozen of Bagels by the Galway Bay Bakery, as I had forgotten my purse, so I decided to head over to the Galway Market in Galway City on Saturday as I know they are there too..
Normally I’d drive, but since we can catch a train now from nearby Ardrahan, we went by train, which is very enjoyable and the kids love it.
It’s not exactly cheap, a return ticket for an adult is 11.5 Euro ,a child 5.50 Euro and under 4 are free, and then of course there is also the parking fee to be paid at the trainstation in Ardrahan, 2 euros, but I suppose in the longer run, it’s very convenient, and it beats the traffic that builds up in the afternoon.
The kids played in the playground at Eyre Square, whilst I was admiring the gardens in Eyre Square, they looked very colourful with all the flowers in it.
Once at the market, which is held across /behind the St Nicholas’s church, I went straight to the Bagel stand, got my baker’s dozen of Bagels and Pretzels…. gave the kids their pretzels, and then got a bucket of potatoes, 4 chocolate breads( pain au chocolate) by Gourmet Tart, 4 multi grain breadroles from CoolFin Bakery, homemade strawberry jam by Cody, and bumped into the Friendly Farmer again.
Went to say hello to my friend Suzanne from the Dolly Tub, she has sweet smelling Goats Milk Soaps, balms and bathsalts and a handmade collection of felt bags.
I was looking for some more music, but couldn’t really hear anything, untill I heard the music from Keywest… who needs Xfactor, this was the real thing, on Shop Street!!
So, time to head back to the station for our return trip. As we were waiting to get onto the train, I got talking to Shannon, who was heading to Athenry to visit the Cathedral there. …
she mentioned she was a Wwoofer?!?
I had to ask her to explain what a wwoofer was, as I had not idea..( the closest I could think of was to do with loudspeakers.).
So… What’s a Wwoofer? It’s a non-paid helper at an organic farm, anywhere in the world. To find out more about Wwoof click Here,where you can find out about becoming a wwoofer and how to find a suitable location for you. The Irish part, based in Cork, is here.

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PS.. Any suggestions and feedback welcome! Please drop me a line here

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