New Year, New Challenges, New Opportunities..

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Ok.. so New Year, New Start! One of the topics in this blog is about finding a job in Ireland, and if that’s what you are after, you have come to the right place!

Unfortunately the news we get in the newspapers mainly focusses on job losses, and not necessarily new jobs or new opportunities( as newspapers that contain bad news sell better than those that contain good news!!) This week particulary has been pretty bad again, with the announcement that Britvic, Superquinn , Tony & Guy and Harvest Off license have downsized or gone into liquidation…

You can read the article  here.

It certainly is a challenge to find a job, but there are jobs and there a few positive signs as well.

IMHO (in my humble opinion) It’s pretty difficult to find a homebased jobs, so I was delighted to see that Apple is recruiting German and French speaking technical support agents, that are homebased. ( Ok, you need to be able to speak fluent German or French which I suppose it not for everyone, but still they are opportunities!)

French :
German :

To see all the Apple opportunities( mostly Cork based), check out their opportunities here :

Another positive sign I noticed today as I was catching up on facebook, is that Aer Lingus is starting a daily flight from Shannon to London Gatwick!

Check it out here
( It’s actually the facebook page of the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare, definitely worth a visit!)

If you are looking for a job and can’t bare to trawl the various jobwebsites, create yourself a jobagent, and get jobs mailed to you!

I have divided them into two types Job search engine websites and recruitment websites search engines

Please note!!!You will notice that there are overlaps on the jobs, in the sense that a company may advertise the jobs directly on for example and also use a recruitment agency who also advertises the job on !

If a recruitment agency is putting your CV forward to a particular company always double check who they are passing your CV to, as if you applied directly, they already HAVE your CV and are not interested to receive your CV again via the recruitment agency. ( clear as mud? If not, drop me a email  )

Job Search Engine Websites Ireland;;

Recruitment Search Engine Websites Ireland

Grafton Recruitment

This is just a selection, there are lot’s more! Feel Free to add other oness!

Have a lovely evening!

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