It’s all happening in … Moneygall….in Co. Tipperary/Offaly

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Untill about 6 months ago or so, I’d never heard about Moneygall, but now not a day goes past,
or Moneygall is  mentioned in the news..  WHY?
Well, they talk about the Irish Diaspora where Irish people emigrated long time ago, and they then develop an interest in their ancestry and heritage. As it happens, President Barack Obama’s roots are traced back to Moneygall, and as he’s planning to visit his ancestral home ( yes, it does go back quite a few generations!) in May.
So where is Moneygall? Moneygall is a small village on the Tipperary/Offaly border, Ireland, on the M7 route between Dublin and Limerick.
In preparations for the presidential visit, Dulux has kindly offered to supply the whole village with paint ( free of charge) which is a very nicy gesture:) You can read the article here
Like many other small villages, Moneygall is bypassed by a motorway, but it seems with today’s announcement that Supermac’s will invest 7 Million Euros in a travel plaza (which they(aptly) hope to call Obama Plaza ), the only way is up for Moneygall!
If ever you are interested in touring Ireland by bus, check out Paddywagon, they have a great selection of tours available, and I am sure they’ll be adding a Barack Obama tours soon:)

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  1. Could you tell me if there are any campsites in the area for the weekend of President Obamas arrival?

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