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It took me a while to come up with this title, but I think it matches my next article particularly well.
Not a day goes passed in Ireland where we talk about the weather, mostly that we had  a pretty bad summer, and the hopefull reports of a Indian Summer ( ie a bit of sun late September ) also fell to pieces( or at least in West of Ireland ), as unless this Indian summer was concentrated between lunch and 3 PM on Wednesday afternoon, we didn’t get to have that wonderful feeling of warm sunshine either…
However…. it seems our moderate weather doesn’t deter the likes of Google to expand here creating 200  temporary (construction jobs) and 30 full time jobs, citing our weather as optimal to maintain the temperature in their server rooms , as you can read here . ( We’ll just ignore the previous winter – boy it was cold!)
And then the announcement that also Twitter has decided to set up shop in  Dublin, more to be read here .
So it seems we really are getting our own version of Silicon Valley, as now all the major players have a presence in Ireland. ( Google, Facebook, Ebay, Paypal, Microsoft, LInkedin) and I am sure there are more to come!
Microsoft : http://careers.microsoft.com/careers/en/ie/home.aspx  ( it took me a while to find this one!)
Twitter : http://twitter.com/jobs/international ( don’t think there are any Dublin jobs yet)
The majority of the above companies all work in the cloud, whereby users can access programmes online by connecting to a server, rather than executing it on your PC.

More about Cloud computing here :  ( I just picked this one, there are many other around)

Also Dogpatch (?) has just anounced to come to Dublin, based in the same area as Google’s offices
Polaris Venture Partners today announced the opening of Dogpatch Labs Europe, a technology company accelerator located in Dublin, Ireland. Polaris’ Dogpatch Labs provide technology entrepreneurs with access to experienced mentors, free space, connectivity, and a community of peers that encourage a constant atmosphere of innovation. In addition to Dublin, Polaris has Dogpatch Labs communities in other vibrant technology hubs, including Cambridge, Mass., New York, N.Y. and Palo Alto, Calif.
Dogpatch Labs was developed by Polaris Venture Partners to provide creative space for entrepreneurs to connect and to share experience and ideas that help them establish startup companies. Dogpatch Labs, which has locations in Cambridge, Mass., New York, N.Y., Palo Alto, Calif. and Dublin, Ireland, provides desk space, bandwidth, and mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. For more information about Dogpatch Labs Europe, start-up founders can contact: dublin@dogpatchlabs.com.
There was more  good news, as Bioware ( based in Galway) had their official opening of their offices, you can read more about that here.
In  Tralee – JRI- America is bringing Software jobs to Tralee. Incidentally these jobs were in Bangalore, so it’s an incredible sign of the times that when it comes down to quality, the jobs are moved to centres of Excellence. More to be read here.

For Recruitment queries:

Contact: – hr@jri-america.com

So I think we had a pretty exciting week last week! 
It reminds a me a little to a period probably about 10 years ago, when there were job announcement nearly every day.. 

So bring on those clouds!!


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