Overview of the big games companies in Ireland

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I have talked it before, there are a lot of gaming companies based in Ireland that have a lot of vacancies.
The type of jobs can be in customer support, but also in fraud , community support, quality , testing
and there is also a good few where you can be at the core of it all, design the actual games!
For those who love coding and creating , there are lot’s of opportunities! 
Add a language or two, and the world is your oyster! 
Oh yes, it’s really quite important that you LOVE gaming!! 
I was reading an article in http://www.bizplus.ie and they listed following companies in Ireland in the (online) gaming industry. 
Activision Blizzard – couldn’t really find the details of their offices in Ireland, but they seem to have a studio in Cork and Dublin – here is link to the vacancies 
As I am based in Galway, I would know about Electronic Arts(also known as Bioware Ireland), as they have their European customer service here, and as it happens they are probably the largest.Lot’s of vacancies – check out their jobs here
Popcap Games (recently acquired by EA)have an office in Dublin, and primarily involved in the game development side of the business. Check out their vacancies here 
And another player – Zenimax Media – also based in Galway( all good things happen in Galway:) – sorry I am biased) Here is the link to their vacancies. From what I can gather , they are a specialist MMOG, which is means Massive multiplayer online Games.
A great example would be The Elder Scrolls, where millions of people play this game on line and pay a micro payment to play this game. ( I have learnt something new!) 
Gala Networks Europe – a Japanese publisher, also in the MMOG sphere ( but the games are free), with offices in Dublin ..check out their vacancies here. It seems Martial arts is their thing!
GOA Games Services -Dublin based – is the online games unit of mobile phone company Orange- owned by France Telecom. They are also linked to EA, so vacancies are on the https://jobs.ea.com/ website. Their actual website is : http://warhammeronline.com/ 
Zynga – Dublin based – Best known for Farmville on facebook.. vacancies here 
Jolt –  owned by Gamestop (video games retailer) Dublin based – Career section here 
Big Fish Games – Cork based – best known for Mystery Case files – current open vacancies here 
Riot Games – Dublin based – Best known for League of Legends – for jobs , please click here
I know, that’s a lot sites to check.. there is also a dedicated website to gaming jobs in Ireland,
you can find it here  I don’t think it lists all the jobs, so you are better off to check the individual sites.
If you are interested in training/studying to enter this market, there are lot’s of courses,
you can find them here and they also have job section.
Hope this was usefull!


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