EU Social security rights and jobs via Linkedin

Hi all,

I am enclosing a video which explains your social security rights when moving/working in the EU.

There is a host of other Videos I’d recommend you watch, if you are
intending to emigrate out of Ireland OR immigrate to Ireland. It’s a
general Video that explains how it all works in the EU

You can find the other videos here :

I’d also recommend you check the Eures Facebook page
and their website :

I have been approached by a variety of recruiters who are looking for multilinguals,
so I thought I’d share it here, hoping to reach some people that they haven’t reached yet( ie new blood:)
When I say approached, it all seems to happen via Linkedin, so if you are on Linkedin, feel free to connect with me.
The first one I received was from Sigmar, Kevin McHenry, who says :
I have numerous roles for German speakers in Dublin, especially in the areas of Sales, Customer and IT Support .
All of our jobs are on

or any German speakers can e-mail their c.v. direct to me

The second one is from
Eoin Driver in Dell, 
Hiring Dutch, Arabic & Hebrew Speaking Technical / IT Professionals. Also hiring Software Testers, Writers & Developers
He tells me that the roles are based in Cherrywood in Dublin – We will financially help those who

would need to relocate. 
You can contact Eoin via email on
for more informatio, job specs etc.
Hope you found the above helpful!

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