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Dear Readers,
I’d like to wish you and your family a very happy, healthy 2012, and I hope that your dreams will come through in 2012.

If your new years resolution is to get a job, you’ll find this blog entry particulary useful as it explains how you could use facebook to create your CV , promote yourself, and ultimately find a job!

It’s particularly relevant , as you can read from the below blogpost.
It is written by an Italian man who emigrated to the UK as he couldn’t find a job in his own country, which is something which is happening in Ireland on a daily basis too.

However, as he explains, he set it up  here are the very usefull instructions in English and as he is Italian, here they are in Italian.. he found a job in his own country and actually very near where he is actually from.

Check out the following article :Ideas can beat the crisis: the first Facebook CV

On another note, if the above dosn’t really apply to you, and you are heading to greener pastures for a while, but need to learn a new language to speed up the integration process, I’d suggest you join, which allows you to learn the basics of just about any language for free. You can also check them on Facebook here.
It’s very interactive and I found the lessons very constructive, I would highly recommend it. You can also help others who are  learning your language ( you’d be surprised who wants to learn your language!)

My new years resolution is , is to raise funds for charity. I have done it before, and really enjoyed it! I raised 4.500 Euros growing dwarf sunflowers ( mini sunflowers) for Crumlin  and I have a couple of ideas to raise money , but I’d like to have your input, as the better the idea/product, the more likely it will succeed( and raise as much money as possible)
I would really appreciate 2 minutes of your time to complete this Survey 


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