List of jobfairs, and why visiting them is not a waste of time!

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It’s that time of the year that those are graduating this year are starting to put out feelers as to what job opportunities are around and how to go about it to get those jobs.

I found this list of  Graduate job fairs :Graduate Job Fairs Ireland

I read an interesting article the other day called : 25 Reasons Job Fairs are not a waste of time.

It’s an Israeli based blog called Jobmob, that has lot’s of other interesting resources related to finding a job and I’d recommend you subscribe to their newsletters/blogposts.

There is another fair happening on the 10th of March, called Bilingual People – 10th of March, Croke Park 
As the name of the Job fair says , it’s about bilingual people ( or better even multilinguals), so if you are studying languages and are keen to use them in your future job, I’d recommend you go to that job fair.


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