NAMA, recession and domestic stabilisation?

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I have never really touched on the subject of the Irish Economy, the bailout, the Troika
and the (possible ) reason(s) of our current debt problems.

I have no intention to  personally give you an answer to all of these questions either :), but there are plenty of people who have very good knowledge of this all, and I’ll share some resources with you where you can read up about it to your heart’s content or watch some videos..

I recently attended a conference in Galway, organized by the EU called
The economic challenges facing Ireland, 24 March 2012 Galway
I heard about this conference via a blog I follow by Krishna De.

It’s seldom that the EU ( who have offices in  Dublin) come to Galway to hold a conference, as usually these things are held in Dublin, so I was delighted to listen to the various presentations.
The conference was hosted by Margaret E Ward

There were presentations by :

  • Professor John McHale, Professor and Head of Economics at the National University of Ireland
  • Dr Aidan Kane, Lecturer in economics at the National University of Ireland
  • Seamus Coffey, Lecturer in economics at the University College Cork
  • Ronan Lyons, Independent economist

If you click here, you can listen to them too!

During all these presentations, there were quite a few resources mentioned.
The ones that I wrote down were : – Commentary and information about the Irish economy – all you want to know about NAMA – Economic Analysis: Stats, Graphs, etc -Financial market analyses and investment – Bruegel is a European think tank working in the field of international economics – Economist, Broadcaster,  Author
And last but not least, check out  which has lively debates about any subject!

Warm regards from an exceptionally sunny Galway!!!


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