Interesting offer with Digiweb for international calls from a landline

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I was doing some research to figure out what would be the cheapest way to make lots of international calls.I have covered this subject before – check out this post.

So what’s out there?

Tescomobile offers amazing rates, starting from just 1 cent a minute to a large selection of countries! An excellent way of keeping in touch, but do read the small print, as there is a daily allowance of 200 minutes. If I wasn’t making that many calls, I’d be using this option.

I was pretty sure I would settle on a VOIP solution like Blueface , however when I started doing the calculations – it turned out a pricey affair. As I make a lot of international calls, I asked to get a quote for unlimited UK and Irish calls + 40 hours of international calls to land lines in the  Benelux, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. I was given the following quote:

Small  office plan :unlimited calls to Ireland and UK landlines = €34.95 p/m

40 hours of international calls €70 additional credit p/m approx

I then happened to contact my current provider Digiweb , average bill being around 35 Euros.(Line rental and some calls)

They offered me a rather interesting deal!

Unlimited UK and Irish calls : : 35.57 Euros

and an add on called Talk world : 5 Euros

The add on offers following: 6000 minutes(ie 100 hours) of calls to Australia, USA, Canada,France, Italy, Spain, Germany,Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden

 The  icing on the cake? Mobile calls to USA and Canada are FREE and mobile calls to the other countries in the package are reduced to 19 cents! So total : just over 40 Euros!

You can check out their plans here. They are currently revamping their website, so you won’t find this info on their website yet, so just call them to switch to them or change your call plan!

I have been using  Localphone which I found excellent value too, with probably the cheapest rates I could find to ring international mobiles. I’ll use them and also Dialwise for other landline/mobile calls that don’t fall into the Digiweb offer.

All I needed now was a phone that would enable me to plug in a headset! There really weren’t many options, and settled on this phone on the Harvey Norman website! I don’t live near a store, but they offer a delivery service, so I should have the phone early next week:)

Hope this will come in handy for someone else!


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