Can you help to identify all the counties in Ireland?

Hi all,

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I was following these posts about how Europeans were trying to identify the various states in the USA and Americans trying to identify countries in Europe, and it turns out we are all struggling to get them right!

I then thought, let ‘s see how many of you can identify all the Irish counties correctly.

I found this online tool called Marqueed, that allows you to collaborate, so I dare you, there is 32 of them, so the more people partcipate, the better. I have marked Cork( Ok that was easy)

Just  click on this link  and then the freehand tool allows you to write on the image.

Let’s see how fast the map fills up!
I am also uploading the image here, so you can print it out, fill it in, and then you can email  it to me!
Just right click on the image and choose save as, and then print the document out!


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