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Now that Halloween has long been forgotten, Christmas is next on the shopping list.
I love shopping, but as there aren’t really many shops near me, I look on-line, the choice is endless:)
One of the challenges of living in Ireland, is to get cheap/free delivery ,especially from the UK.
If you shop on Amazon or Ebay, very often the seller offers free shipping to the UK, but deliveries to Ireland
will cost a small fortune… but I am glad to say, offers a great solution.

I  placed an order on Amazon UK yesterday, and  the shipping charges were going to be 12 Pounds.
I signed up for – who are based in Newtonabbey in Northern Ireland .
They  provide
you with their address and a PM reference, which you need to use for your delivery address.
As Northern Ireland is part of the UK, it’s considered a UK address, so the shipping charges changed to
5 Pounds.  It could have been free if the products were being shipped by Amazon, in this case it was a third party, so the free shipping does not apply( It only applies if it shipped by Amazon directly)
They have a few places around Ireland( nearest for me is Galway or Ennis), where I can go and pick up my parcel. I’l receive a text once the parcel has arrived.The cost is only 3.5 Euro per parcel, so it’s a great deal! 
Talking about Amazon – there is thing called Black Friday ,  Black Friday Deals on Amazon they are like daily deals, but  only available for a few days.
Shop on Ebay there are some great deals to be gotten.
Shopping is great, and it’s even more exciting that some companies will pay you a % if you shop via them.
The best known in Ireland is called Fatcheese.
Just click on the below banner to open up an account, and get paid for shopping via them.

So if you shop via Fatcheese on the Debenhams website for example, you’ll get 4% cashback which you can then claim via your bankaccount, paypal account , Amazon Gift voucher.
(by the way, the Debenhams sale is great, but if you shop on your mobile, you’ll get an extra code that gives you another 10 % off- just an extra push to shop on your mobile device)
Happy shopping:)

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