Why you won’t regret learning to code

Hi all,
If your kids aren’t involved yet, why not check out if there is a Coderdojo group near you, or set one up!
Check out http://coderdojo.com  or  better  get involved as a mentor!

If you are interested to learn to code, I am including a few resources(some courses are offered for free) that enable you to learn the basics of just about any coding language and also more advanced courses( I also saw a yoga course, so it’s not all coding).
If you subscribe to Udemy you’ll regularly receive emails with discount codes, so it’s all good.


FREE online Courses
The first 2 companies are   US based, the third company is Irish based, all 3 offer an extensive range of video courses on a variety of topics, go check it out!
I found another Blog called http://www.openculture.com that lists over 750 free university courses.
I found this  blog entry , that gives you the top 10 MOOC, which stands for Massive Open Online Course
Happy coding, or should I say, happy learning…..

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