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Hi all,

Ever since I watched the Late Late show a few years ago, I have had a soft spot for
I have been trying to figure out ways to help this charity in my own little way.
As some  of you might know, I used to run an online shop, and in the shop, I sold a variety of unusual baby gifts. I no longer run this now, but I do have some stock left.
I have 24 bees left, and want to donate the proceeds of the sales of these to
I have listed them on Ebay, so if you are interested, they are 15 Euros each ,including shipping wherever you are, of which will get just over 8 Euros, as Ebay takes 10 %, Paypal 3% and I am allowing 5 for shipping.
You can check out the Ebay listing :
Below are just a few images of the Bees! They are great for babies with upset tummies.
Just heat the insert into the microwave and apply it to their tummies..

If you are interested to buy outside of Ebay ( oh no, how dare I to say that), you’ll need to contact me via katleenworkinginireland at so I can send you Paypal request ( and Beeforbatten will get 10 % more:).
Thanks for you support!!

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