Switch and save Mobile phone provider – and money left to donate to #Bumbleance or #MND

Hi all,

Today is the 1st of September , and my kids have gone back to school! Don’t they just look adorable!


We had a great time during the summer holidays, we even managed to go camping on InishBofin, it’s becoming a  bit  of a yearly tradition and would highly recommend it.. here is  link to a previous post about InishBofin..
So I finally came out of my phone contract halfway July, and didn’t waste much time to switch to another company. I was with 3 and was paying a basic monthly charge of 55 Euros. The contract started about a year and a half ago, and gave me unlimited calls, texts and Data AND an I-Phone. At the time it was a pretty good offer, as other providers were charging 99 Euros, so I was getting a good deal..
Fast forward one and a half years, and the mobile phone scene has changed a lot:)

Now that I am no longer locked into my contract( and my phone is still working!) I checked out the options.I did talk about this before, check out this post.

I saw this offer from Tescomobile Sim Only , top up for 15 Euros every month, and get unlimited calls.

Top Up and we’ll give you
€5 FREE Tesco Mobile to Tesco Mobile texts.
€10 FREE Tesco Mobile to Tesco Mobile calls & text. 250 FREE webtexts
or more
in one go
UNLIMITED Calls to All Mobiles & Landlines
FREE Tesco Mobile to Tesco Mobile calls & texts, 250 Free webtexts
Keep your €15 credit – Spend on added value add ons.How to Top Up

Ok, I’d like that!
The switch over was fairly easy, had to get my phone unlocked, which took about 48 hours, and then I needed to get a Tesco Sim Card. They are free, and you can order them here.

With the 15 Euros I have topped up, I can then buy add-ons  buy 1 GB of Data for 5 Euros, 5 GB of data for 5 Euros, and /or unlimited texts for 10 Euros.
The first month I bought 5 GB of data, as wasn’t sure how much I really needed, and used the 5 remaining Euros for text. Turns out I use just about 1 GB, so the  next month I bought 1 GB and have 10 Euros left for texts.
They have an app which you can download, and if you are connected to WIFI, you get 200 free national texts, and 50 free international texts. I thought that was really neat, as usually those free texts are only accessible if you log onto their website.. it’s  great that you can now text from the app, essentially for free!

Net result? My phone bill has gone down from 55 Euros to 15 Euros AND I still have credit.
So I texted Buzz to 50300 and donated 2 Euros to #Bumbleance  . You’l see I also donated to the #MND

What a great start to my monday!



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