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Yep, autumn has arrived in Ireland! Temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are changing colours and falling off the trees… We have had a marvelous summer and not to mention our  never ending Indian summer. It lasted much longer than I can ever remember, so before I know, it will be Christmas!! As it happens it’s Halloween today , so I am looking forward to do some trick and treating in and around the area this evening! ( and it’s also my husband’s birthday tomorrow)

It’s probably around now you are starting to think about your next holiday, where to go, and budgetting for flights and figuring out the accommodation. I thought I’d mention two websites that might come in handy if you are looking for accommodation that makes you feel like you are at home! Very useful for people with kids, but really relevant for anyone who doesn’t like staying in hotels, and who likes their homely comforts at a price you can afford. 
I came across an Irish website called . They have properties worldwide, allowing you to stay with a host, and stay in accommodation for as little as 20 Euros a night! In some cases it may even include breakfast, so if you are traveling on a shoe string, or just looking to spend some time with the locals in Ireland, I’d strongly recommend you check out I have created some separate links for locations you might be interested to visit in Ireland. Click the following links to find accommodation in : Dublin, Limerick, Galway, Cork and Belfast.

The other one you might be familiar with  is Airbnb. Check out their site, and see how you can rent a full house,  rent a private room, or share a room. If you click the link I provided, you’ll even get a 20 Euro credit/25 USD in your account, which you can use when booking your accommodation. I have used Airbnb once, and loved it. I rented a small apartment in Utrecht, in a great spot, near restaurants, and would do it again! There are some amazing places to rent short term.

Happy Halloween!

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