The last of the Indian Summer

Hi all,

We have been enjoying a beautiful September, lot’s of sun and very little rain, in fact it’s been one of the driest September ever, more about that here.
My youngest son Alex plays Rugby in the local Rugby club on a Saturday, and they have been incredibly lucky with the weather. The last few weeks, the friday before it’s lashing with rain, and I am having visions of holding an umbrella at the sideline. However, as faith would have it, by the time it’s saturday, the weather is glorious!I was out on Saturday at their match, playing Barna at the Dangan Sports grounds. As you can see the weather was gorgeous!! ( unlike today, as there is a weather warning for floods, storm and fallen trees)

To finish off the weekend, I went for a walk with Rueben in nearby Coole Park. We decided to walk to the water this time, and I was taken by the colours around the water, it was overwhelming. I know they have horses in Coole Park from time to time, but it was the first time I saw them across from the water. Usually they are on the park side, but this time they were across from the water. I am not so sure they’ll be there for very long, as it does flood their in winter time, so maybe they move them. I took some pictures, I hope you enjoy.

Have a great week!

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