The last of the Indian Summer – part two!


Hello all,

So I thought that the we had had the last of our our Indian Summer last weekend, but I am glad to tell you we had another beautiful weekend. It’s been a busy weekend, as I had the usual Rugby training, then I started to plant the bulbs for my #Bumbleance fundraiser, took Rueben to #Coderdojo in Loughrea and as I really enjoyed our walk to the Coole Park, I decided to go back today with the whole family!


Enclosing some of the pictures I took!

Gort Rugby Team getting ready for training


Getting ready to plant the hyacinth bulbs

Alexander helping with #Bumbleance Fundraiser from Katleen Bell-Bonjean on Vimeo.

To keep up to date of my fundraiser, check out my new blog here.

Rueben at Coder Dojo Loughrea

To finish off , we went to Coole Park. I really enjoyed our walk from last weekend, so I convinced Alex and David to join. The horses were no longer there, which I think is to do with the fact that we had some rain recently and the place will flood shortly. The pictures below are probably of a better quality than the previous once, as I lost my phone at the airport in Eindhoven on the return of one of my recent trips but thankfully got the phone back..



Last week the water wasn’t as high as it was today


Last week we were able to cross over here, but due to recent rain fall, it’s getting flooded


view across the riverside at Coole Park



The horses that were here last week , are gone.


David and the boys
Me and my two wonderboys:)

So that’s it for this weekend! Thank you for reading my blog!

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