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After the usual football training I popped in into our nearest shop ( a petrol station) and got a few items. I’d seen these potatoe bag shaped products but wasn’t so sure what was in them. I passed them again today and then realized there were crisps packs in them. At a favourable rate of 3 € for 6 I bought them. I was now rather curious how they were going to taste!

There are 3 flavours, Dubliner cheese & onion, Roast Beef & Irish stout and also Atlantic Sea salt and Irish vinegar. 

I choose the cheese and onion flavoured crisps and they were light, crispy and my tastebuds were having a feast! The fact that they are hand cooked gives them a unique look which is very different than the mass produced ones. As I was reading the writing on the fast emptying crisp bag, I spotted that they have track & trace system that tells you from which potatoe field your crisps came from.

The Multi flavoured crisp bag from Keogh’s   
       Spud Nav Keogh’s


My crisp bag came from Abbeyville

I admit I hadn’t really heard about Keoghs before , but thanks to their innovative packaging & Spud Nav I think it’s an awesome product and would recommend you try them! 

I uploaded  a few on Ebay- just click on the link below! 

They won’t last very long this weekend as we are having a bank holiday on Monday!

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