New Optical and dental benefits kicking in today

New dental and optical benefits kicking in today!

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It’s been a while  since I wrote my last  article about the Homecoming of the Galway Seniors and the cycle on the now opened new motorway, so I thought I’d keep you updated  with some new dental and optical benefits that are kicking in today. Really? New benefits? Oh, tell me more!

The benefits I am referring to are under the Treatment Benefit Scheme. This is a scheme run by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) that provides dental, optical and aural services to qualified people.

So what’s new?

From today, 28th of October following benefits kick in:

Dental Benefit

A payment of €42 towards either a scale and polish or – if clinically necessary – periodontal treatment, is also available once a calendar year. If the cost of either cleaning or periodontal treatment is more than €42, you must pay the balance – capped at €15 for a scale and polish. There is no cap on the balance charged for periodontal treatment

Optical Benefit

From today onwards, you can get a payment, once every second calendar year, towards either one pair each of reading and distance spectacles or one pair of bifocal or varifocals. Cost will vary depending on the frames you choose. Basic frames are free. If you choose more expensive frames, the Department will pay €42 towards them and you pay the balance. If you need contact lenses on medical grounds, the Department will pay half the cost up to a maximum of €500 provided you have a doctor’s recommendation. This applies to a small number of eye conditions that make wearing glasses impossible. Disposable lenses are covered under the scheme. Contact lenses are not available on purely optical or cosmetic grounds.

For a more detailed breakdown and how to qualify, check out this article on the Citizensadvice website.

As it happens, I only recently bought new glasses. I went to the opticians( Specsavers), got my free eye test , and as the optician was reviewing my file, he says, so, it’s been 10 years(!) you’ve been in this branch. Where have you gotten your glasses since? Well, actually, these are still the glasses from 10 years ago – he said he’d never come across that before 🙂 ( okay, they were literally falling apart). So I got myself new glasses and prescriptive sunglasses. I think I am going to treat myself to another pair, I deserve it!

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Happy Halloween!

PS. Remember the clocks go back, one hour longer in bed:)
PPS. Hope you are enjoying the long weekend this Halloween, only 57 days to Christmas!



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