Max the dog in need of getting groomed

How I found a dog groomer via Facebook

Hi all,

Meet Max, our family pet!

Max the dog in need of getting groomed

Max the dog

As you can see, he’s in need of a major grooming effort, one that I’d rather leave to the experts ( I still have bad memories of racing him around the garden, trying to wash him!!)

So I thought let me see if my Facebook friends could recommend a local dog groomer and see if Facebook can actually make this task easier for me.

I found a closed group Called Gort Buy and Sell, I thought that would be a good place to get some recommendations.

As I started to write the post, it automatically asked me what I wanted to sell, which is not what I wanted to do!

Click on more to get to the recommendations tab

By clicking on the “more” button I was able to select recommendations

And then I wrote the below post.

Picture of Post on Facebook recommendation

Within a few minutes, I had a number of recommendations. A number of names kept appearing, and also  their Facebook pages! Yes, that’s what I wanted, so I could contact a Dog groomer.

I was quite location specific, and preferred to keep it local, and then someone suggested a dog groomer literally around the corner .Once I clicked on the Facebook page, that’s where the magic really kicked in for me. The owner had enabled an automatic bot, asking me what my query was, one of them was , I would like to book an appointment. This is how the conversation went :

The conversation went on for a while, and a few suggestions went back and forward, to finally arrive to a date that worked for both of us, so I was happy and the groomer was happy too!! I will have to post the ” after” picture when he’s done!

Following on this, I attended an event in Dublin on Friday, organized by Facebook,  called “Boost your business” #fbboost, to show how small business in Ireland can grow their business  leveraging Facebook.  I heard about it via Amanda’s Webb- Spiderworking who is specialised in Social Media For SMEs And Local Businesses. I particularly love her videos!

It was a half day event, showcasing the opportunities there are using Facebook both locally and internationally, the importance of video and visuals, and to emphasis that mobile is the way forward and to make sure your website makes it easy to buy! The customer panel was excellent,  Where Magee told their stories how 1 Euro invested in Facebook gave a return of 14 Euros. The last session was about best practise, and also that session I found very interesting, as I am always curious what the latest and greatest tools are. These days nearly all the tools are free, making it so much easier to create artwork. Here is the link to the  top 10 ten tools Facebook recommends.

Yes, they want you to pay to advertise on their platform, but as you can see from the above, word of mouth is still very powerful, and setting up their Facebook page has enabled me to interact with them( at no cost to them).  If you are business in the Burrenlowlands, and are interested to learn more, drop me an email.

Greetings from  Galway,


PS..My dryer has broken down, any suggestions who can fix my dryer??




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