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3 Websites to help you find a job in Ireland

Where to start your search to find a job in Ireland

If you are not living in Ireland, it’s hard to find out what companies are hiring in Ireland!  So where do you start your search to find a job in Ireland in 2021? Check out 3 websites  to help you find a job in Ireland.

Job announcements in Ireland

One of the first places I’d recommend you take a look is on the JobWatch page of the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed. They list all the job announcements in Ireland , what companies are hiring in Ireland and a link to where you can apply for these jobs.

Check the job announcements on the Silicon Republic Website here

Check the IDA  job announcement section, you can find  it here

You’ll now have a good idea of what companies are expanding in Ireland, where they are located, and what type of jobs they are recruiting for!

I once started with a list of recruitment agencies, the list is outdated but maybe a good start – I’ll need to revise it!

I’ll be building this list further out – if you have other suggestions, please comment, contact me here, or why not share this post!

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