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Hello all,

Sunshine after rain, green shoots, improvement in the economy, all the terms I have been hearing lately, and I think there seems to be movement in the jobs market. 

I probably should write “finally” as it’s been a rough/tough few years and we still have a long way to go. It’s a bit like a déjà-vu( as in: seen before) for me as when I started my first website in 1998, I kept track of the  job announcements, and at some point I couldn’t follow anymore, as there were so many of them! This was at the time Ireland went through the “Celtic Tiger” and people were flogging to Ireland to get a job, as there were jobs in abundance, and as good as full employment was reached. If you like stats and want to see the current unemployment rate of 10.4%,Check out this website.
I found this interesting graph on a European level:
Statistic: Unemployment rate in member states of the European Union in November 2014 (seasonally adjusted) | Statista

Find more statistics at Statista

Fast forward to 2015, and since the beginning of 215, there have been a number of  exciting new job announcements, most of them by large (American) multinationals who are setting up in Ireland or expanding. Check out the below link with all the announcements.

You’ll find links to where you can apply for the jobs, so that’s great, however not all the job vacancies are captured in there, as there are also infrastructural jobs coming on-line( i.e. Roads/construction jobs), such as the building of the Motorway between Gort  and Tuam. One of the recruitment a agencies that has a number of construction job vacancies( and related jobs)  is MRC Group in Dublin, you can contact them on  01 8899100 for more info. Also check out  CLS Recruitment.

I would highly recommend you download the app to find out where the jobs are being announced, and where you can apply for the jobs. Click on the below to download the app.

 Click here to download the Intreo ( previously called FAS) Jobseeker app

or  click here :

Good luck job hunting!

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