The Big Freeze- the Irish weather

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I was going to talk a bit more about a PPS Number number, but given the extraordinary weather here,
I think I’ll keep that for next week:)

Generally speaking, Ireland has a Maritime Climate which means it’s very mild, and we are not used to very hot weather, very cold weather, and should I say very wet weather either( though I know some of you are gniffling, it does rain quite a bit here! 🙂 )
However, not sure now if it’s to do with climate changes around the world, but the weather has been very extreme, and in all the  years I have been here( 16 I think at this stage), we have seen severe floods that paralysed most of the West and the East of the country, and now frost , snowfall that hasn’t been in since the 60’s! The situation is getting a little critical, as salt supplies for gritting the roads is getting very low....

 So if you want to know what the weather is like in Ireland at any given time, I’d recommend you visit the website of
Met Eireann- The Irish Meteoroligical on line service  have a look at visit the main local newspapers,  Independent on line or the Irish Times on line

Particularly around the time of the floods, it was very hard to know what was going on, as people couldn’t get out, so there was reliance on forums like where people would post questions if a particular road/area as passable.
Listening to the radio is vital, so you can listen to weather updates, here is a list of all the radio stations
It will also give you an idea on the accents of people, there are many of them( and don’t worry if you don’t understand it all, it takes a while!)
Here is a picture I saw in the ( also referred to as Indo), it’s taken in Dublin at the canals, but obviously they are frozen( you can see the umbrella on the ice!)

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