Galway Language jobs- take your pick!

Hi all,
As you might know, I am based in Galway, and I have noticed that the recruitment freeze that many companies had for most of last year has been lifted, as there are at least 3 companies hiring in Galway, which is very encouraging.

Languages are a must, Experience helpful 🙂 and a degree essential in some.

if you are so fortunate to get an interview I would recommend as a starting point to double check at the  start of the interview what position you are exactly applying for( they may have many) and what the requirements are( both experience, education etc.) as I recently sat through an one and hour interview to be told at the very end I couldn’t apply for a particular position because I didn’t have a degree. If the job/requirements had been laid out from the start, it would have been more beneficial for both parties:) I see it as experience, and it won’t happen again!

So… who is recruiting… in no particular order..

All these can be found on but I have also noticed that some of the recruitment agencies are having these jobs on their books  too! So once you have applied directly, a recruitment agency will not take your application further, as the company HAS your CV. If however you haven’t applied for the job directly the recruitment company will work with the recruiting company to arrange interviews etc.

Should you go direct or via a recruitment agency? Most of the  jobs I have secured I did go through a recruitment agency, as the jobs were not very visibly advertised. As the majority of jobs are now clearly advertised and you can apply directly, it’s definately a route I would explore ( and I wonder if it would increase your salary negotations, as they didn’t have to pay an external recruiter, just a thought 🙂 )
Let me know if you have found this helpful!

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