Science & Technology fair and the long awaited Xmas market in Galway

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Our oldest son Rueben got a free family ticket to go to the Science and Technology Show at the Galway University, so we thought we ‘d make a little trip out of it. The Galway Christmas market went live yesterday as well, so we thought we’d combine those two events. It was a crisp day today with a cold northerly wind!
There were a variety of Galway multinationals that were showcasing their technologies such as Cisco who were showing how you can make voice over IP calls, Avaya on how a video conference call can be crispclean and very realistic to Medtronic on how defribilitars can save lives.
The part however I found most interesting was the participation of schools and how pupils learn about science, technology and multimedia.
I came across the pupils of the Bawnmore NS in Claregalway who recorded a short cartoon. The cartoon features little plasticine characters which they made themselves. The class was split into groups and each group recorded a scene and ultimately all the various scenes were put together and the result was a cartoon.
I thought it was a great achievement and has taught all pupils about teamwork, focus and ability to create digitally, no matter where you are!
The computer room showcased the history of computers, and it was quite interesting to see an old fashioned typewriter, a commodore computer, the influence of Startrek and modern day Bluetooth!
It was extremely busy and with 2 small kids in tow, we headed out , and walked past a Galway County Council vehicle, that turned out to be one of the two electric vehicles that are currently in use at Galway County Council. Once charged, it can drive for about 120 Kms.
We then went to have a look at the Galway Christmas Market which opened yesterday, and is located at Eyre Square.  I’d strongly recommend you park at the Black Box, as you pay a flat fee ( free on a Sunday), rather than the multi story car parks where you pay by the hour! There were lot’s of stalls with mouthwatering food such as German Waffles, Dutch Oliebollen, German Bratwuerst ( and Gluehwine!), Polish food and lot’s of other stalls with gifts,  an Icerink, but we didn’t really get to see much of it, there were just too many people! I can only but imagine what the crowds will be like in December! So we’ll have to go back, and sample some of the goodies next time!


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