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Hi all,

I have been blogging since Christmas Day last year when I was visiting the inlaws in Northern Ireland, as I decided I wanted to experiment with this blogging thing, to learn about Social Media, and see how it can benefit my little fledging business. My little business is called ( previously known as Belgian Treasures),  where I wholesale and retail a variety of Fair Trade, Organic, natural, Eco friendly Gifts, which is not related to this blog really, but I put up a link to my site to see if I would get any visitors that came from the fairly unrelated topic of working, living traveling in Ireland which I think I know quite a bit about, as I have been here nearly 18 year now.
As it turns out I am getting a steady flow of referrals from this blog to my website.

In fact 10% of my visitors come from this blog to my website, which is interesting. Another 10% finds my website through the various Googles around the world, another 5% through Facebook, 5% via my suppliers, and the rest are direct visitors( so they  typed in the address). I just thought I’d share this with you all..

Now, the next topic is the power of in the world of finding a job( anywhere really).

I joined linked in quite a while back, primarily to connect with work colleagues, and I never thought more of it really. Since then, I have been approached by quite a few companies and headhunters asking if I was interested in a job in their company or if I knew people that would be interested. The latest company that approached me was Teletech in Belfast, Northern Ireland, who support companies like LogicTech and Nissan.
They are currently looking for 4 Dutch speakers and at least one German speaker for technical support/customer support to start pretty immediately.
If you want to drop me a line, please do so at
If you’d like to connect with me  here is my profile.
Have a lovely WE!
Warm regards,
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