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E.T. Phone Home, 2010ET Phone home…

I wrote this article in 2010, a lot of things have changed since!!  We are now 2021 and having a Smartphone enables you to have free phone calls internationally! I’ll keep the details below as a memory of the options there were back in 201o:) 

It’s just one of these things we all take for granted, staying in touch with friends and family, but it’s something a bit of a maze figuring out what’s the best/cheapest / most comfortable way of doing so..

I have listed below some options you can explore whilst you are in Ireland.

Until the arrival of Skype, I always used my landline, and for a while I used a variety of different call plans/call cards, but there was always the issue of having to have an account, knowing your log in details, enough credit on your card etc, so I then discovered for which you don’t require an account for and can be dialed both from a landline or a mobile, and gets billed to your existing telecom provider as a local call. Only relevant of course if you have a landline. You just need to dial the relevant 1890 code , and then the number you need to dial, and you are done.

With the arrival of Smartphones, most phones allow you to install the Skype application your mobile, so you can ring from your mobile. You just need to be in credited to make the call. Also here the rates hover around the 2 cent a minute rate. Though many mobile phone providers offer Skype on their mobile, the company that started offering it first was . You can get a Skype enabled phone for just 49 Euros.

There is also a blueface VOIP account. They have a service called ‘go mobile’ which allows you to call a dublin number … you can then enter any (international) number you wish to dial. Cost is approx 3-4c a min for the blueface international call, and whatever your mobile provider charges for dublin calls. There is also an option called blueface You of using this through your internet connection.

I am sure there are plenty of other ways of calling home, so please feel free to add any other ones!
I am just enclosing the trailer I found on Youtube.. Enjoy:)



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