Pre Order your Turkey with your local farmers( Galway)

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I admit, it’s still a little early to start thinking about your Christmas dinner, but if you want to make sure you get yourself a local turkey, reared in Galway, it’s a good idea to pre order it now.
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My local butcher/farmer is called Flannery Meats  is based in Peterswell Co. Galway and my boys are great fans of Justin the butcher! ( I think we have a little fanclub going!)
You can see some images of the various geese, turkeys, ducks he has here.
I noticed on his website that you can pre order your turkey with Justin, you just need to contact him here.

Another farmer that offers Turkeys is Ronan, the friendly farmer from Athenry, Check out his blog/shop here

Now you just have to cook the turkey!

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