The Galway Races – Summer Festival Meeting -Mon 25th July – Sun 31st July

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If you are not in Ireland, you might wonder what this Summer Festival is all about!

Check out this video from last year, I think it will give you a good idea!

It’s a bit like Ascot, but then in Galway!
I would describe Galway traffic in general as a bit congested at peak times, but for the rest it’s pretty ok..
During the Galway Races however, I would describe Galway traffic as heavily congested, crazy, and a journey that might take 10 minutes will take you an hour if not two, so check out the race schedule and arrange your trips accordingly!

Date Featured Race First race Last race Admission
Mon July 25th Handicap
5.05pm 8.15pm €20
Tues July 26th Topaz Mile E.B.F. Handicap 5.05pm 8.15pm €25
Wed July 27th Galway Plate 3pm 7.10pm €30
Thurs July 28th Guinness Galway Hurdle Handicap 1.50pm 6.05pm €30
Fri July 29th Guinness Handicap 5.10pm 8.30pm €25
Sat July 30th Ladbrokes Handicap Hurdle 2.25pm 5.30pm €20
Sun July 31st Connacht Tribune Handicap 2.20pm 5.55pm €20

Turnstiles will open approximately two hours before the first race.
The Summer Festival Race Meeting at the Galway Races is renowned worldwide for its electric atmosphere, excellent racing and infectious sense of fun. Galway Races
Celebrities can be seen sipping champagne by the Champagne Tent, the most conservative of us will be heard above the crowd as the horses round the bend into the home stretch. The Galway Races is certainly a festival for everyone. The Festival runs for seven consecutive days starting from the last Monday in July each year. We have race days at the Summer Festival which add fun and excitement to the event, take a look below under Special Race Days for more information on Ladies Day and Family Day including our very popular Mad Hatters competition.
Over 150,000 people attended the Summer Festival Meeting in 2010 where betting turnover reached great heights once again. The total prize fund for the fifty-one sponsored races reached an impressive €1.6 million. If you fancy a flutter while at the course, there are various options for placing a bet at the Galway Races; the Tote, on-course betting shops and on-course bookmakers.

Summer Festival Special Days at the Galway Races

Details on the special days held at the Summer Festival : Ladies Day and Family Day including our very popular Mad Hatters competition.

Summer Festival Competitions

Details on Race Card Competitions, Losing Tote Ticket Competitions, Best Turned out Horse, Leading Trainer and Leading Jockey awards.
Below is some traffic information, please read it if you are heading to Galway ( it’s very colourful!) from the Garda website
To access Avenue Entrance – ‘BLUE ROUTE’
Follow BLUE ROUTE Entrance Signs
N6 traffic – (Old Dublin Rd) and N18 traffic ( Limerick, Ennis, Gort Rd.)
Blue Route starts at Carrowmoneash Roundabout ( Maldron Hotel) Oranmore
Taking 3rd Exit at Roundabout (Maldron Hotel)
Via Carnmore Cross to Avenue Entrance
Motorway Traffic M6 
Take Exit 19 (left) and take 3rd exit on 1st Roundabout then 2nd exit next Roundabout (follow Blue Avenue entrance signs)
At Carnmore Cross turn Left at Traffic Lights (Traffic from R339 (Monivea Road) joins the Blue Route here)
Traffic Lights at Briarhill – Turn Right (Garda Control)
Left at Avenue Entrance (Garda Control)
Traffic on N17 ( Tuam / Sligo Road.)  anyone wishing to use the Avenue Entrance- take turn up the hill at Killeen Cross (Garda Control)  and join the Blue Route entrance at the Avenue  
This is NO Access to the Avenue (BLUE Entrance) from N6 Eastbound (Dublin road) during Road Closed Times.   (Access only off N17 during this time).
To access Tunnel  Entrance  – ‘RED  ROUTE’
Follow RED  ROUTE Entrance Signs  
Traffic N6 – (OLD Dublin Road) and N18 – ( Limerick / Ennis / Gort Road)
Red Route starts at Carrowmoneash Roundabout (Maldron Hotel) Oranmore
Take 2nd Exit and continue along the old N6 to Martin Roundabout (Galway Clinic).
Take 2nd exit at Martin Roundabout  (Galway Clinic)
Take 1st Exit at new Coolough Roundabout at new M6
At Lynch Roundabout (Western Motors / Clayton Hotel) there will be NO Right Turn to Monivea Road or Avenue entrance.  All traffic will be directed to Tunnel entrance and Galway City direction.
  • Race Traffic remain in Right Lane after Lynch Roundabout
  • City Traffic remain in Left Lane after Lynch Roundabout
M6 Motorway Traffic
Race Traffic should continue on M6 to Coolough Roundabout (end of motorway), and get in Right lane.
Galway City Traffic should continue on M6 to Coolough Roundabout, at end of motorway and remain in Left lane.
All Traffic – Take 2nd exit at Lynch Roundabout (Western Motors / Clayton Hotel)
All Tunnel entrance Red Route Traffic merges here and proceeds as follows:
Race Traffic Cross N6 to enter tunnel (Garda Control) in Right lane 
City Traffic straight to City in Left lane
NO Access from N17 Tuam Road  
 Green Entrance – ‘GREEN ROUTE’
Traffic on N17 (Tuam / Sligo Road)
The Green Entrance accesses the Race Course via the hill at Two Mile Ditch near Kenny Motors (Garda Control).
No access from N6, M6, N18 or R339 roads
N84 Traffic
Traffic from the N84 Headford Road joins the N17 Tuam / Sligo Road and access the Race Course along the Blue Route via the hill at Two Mile Ditch near Kenny Motors (Garda Control) or alternatively at the Green entrance at Two Mile Ditch.
Galway City and West (Connemara)
Traffic from Galway City and Connemara can access any of the Entrances by
  • Tunnel Entrance  Proceed east along Dual Carriageway Bothar na dTreabh on N6, Stay in Left Lane to Tunnel Entrance  (Garda Control).
  • Avenue Entrance  There is NO ACCESS from Bothar na dtreabh eastbound onto the Avenue Entrance at the times shown below.     Access from Galway City & Connemara to the Avenue entrance will be from the Tuam Road ONLY.
From the Font Roundabout (Flemmings) proceed onto the Tuam/Sligo Rd (N17). Turn Right at Killeen Cross (Garda Control).
  • Green Entrance  From Tuam Road ONLYFrom the Font Roundabout (Flemmings) proceed onto the Tuam/Sligo Rd (N17).  Turn Right at Two Mile Ditch (Garda Control).
Important Notice – Temporary Road Closure
There is NO ACCESS to the Avenue Entrance (Blue route) via Lynch Roundabout (Western Motors / Clayton Hotel) during Road Closed Times listed below.
There is NO ACCESS to the Monivea Road Eastbound via Lynch Roundabout              (Western Motors / Clayton Hotel) during Road Closed Times listed below.
Traffic for Monivea and Airport will be directed onto the M6 and can exit at Exit 19 (Glenascaul) and proceed to Carnmore Cross.
  • All Traffic from City reaching Lynch Roundabout (Western Motors / Clayton Hotel) will be directed towards the Coolough roundabout (entrance to M6).
  • All Traffic reaching Lynch Roundabout (Western Motors / Clayton Hotel) will be directed towards the City from all other routes.
Monday      4pm to 6pm
Tuesday     4pm to 6pm
Wednesday       12.30pm to 4.00pm
Thursday        11.30am to 3.30pm
Friday        4pm to 6pm
Times may have to be extended in the event of major traffic delays
 Wheelchair Access: for Road Closure Times.                                                     
As wheelchair access is only provided off the Avenue Entrance (Blue Route) the recommended access routes are the Blue route coming from Dublin ( exiting the M6 at junction 19) ; from Limerick along the N18 to join the Blue route. Wheelchair vehicles/ wheelchair accessible taxis from Galway city are recommended to travel along the Green route (N17 Tuam Road) to the Avenue entrance. No access will be permitted through Road Closure, wheelchair accessible taxis / vehicles please pre plan route. 
Have fun!



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