Career Zoo is back! September 10-11th – Mansion House, Recruitment Fair

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I saw an addd in the Sunday Times last Weekend, and for a split second I thought this add was all about Dublin Zoo recruiting! Yes, they are recruiting too at this fair, but there are plenty of other companies too who will be at this fair!

Career Zoo is back!

Career Zoo is the only career fair that specifically targets Ireland’s huge pool of highly qualified professionals and graduates.

Some of Ireland’s most successful and innovative employers, education providers and enterprise organisations have already attended Career Zoo and met over 7,000 of these sought-after candidates.

Career Zoo is the perfect resource for:

Employers on the lookout for Ireland’s premier talent.
Education Providers who want to capitalise on the growing demand for upskilling.
Enterprise Organisations who want to tap into the new culture of enterpreneurship.

Check our their website here


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