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I am pasting parts of a previous post from last year and adding some new bits, as thing haven’t changed that much!

It’s that time of the year ( sort of halfway the holidays) when you start to see and hear adverts for the back to school stuff…I have yet to get some books for my oldest son, as he’s going to First Class and our youngest son is starting Junior Infants, so more books to get!

                                                       what are your options….

Probably best known is an Irish  On-Line Company called – got Ruebens book there once.. They can also  cover the books at an extra charge. Delivery is 6 Euros, very efficient.
As I was doing some research on their website, I found out that they have teamed up with Supervalu.
If you have a Supervalu Loyalty tag, you can avail of a 10 % discount! You can find out more here
And to spice it all up.. they also offer free book coverings.. just use code CV25
I also found out about , their slogan is :
Carambola Moms help families through school by providing one source for the three school essentials of schoolbooks, uniforms and healthy snacks & drinks.

You may also want to check out about getting Financial help with going back to school

There is an alternative to buying new! Check out more information.

Or maybe post your ( wanted/unwanted) books here : Freecycle or at Jumbletown

As it happens, last year I bought my bought through another site which offer a great deal is offering 5% off AND FREE Book covers.(it’s also a local company so where I can I try to support the local businesses)
There is also , and is just another selection !

If you need  labels, I would recommend another on line company called Namelabels 

So that’s it for me now, hope you have found this  usefull and feel free to add other resources as this is just a limited overview!

However, if you happen to go to this school in Mayo, where parents are been given the option to invest in an Ipad to replace the schoolbooks( it’s optional, but maybe that’s the way forward? ) Food for though!


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