Skype To Go and Tesco Mobile fantastic International rates..

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I have written a few articles now about making international calls, either via a mobile phone or landline.
Skype and Googletalk are great, but there are a few limitations…specifically if the area you are in has mobile reception but no 3G ( ie you can’t go online with your phone) or if your phone isn’t a smartphone( after all they are an expensive little toy and you’ll be paying a minimum of 40 Euros a month for having an IPhone..)
So, how to get around all this?

As long as you have a Skype account and a little bit of credit, you don’t actually need to have smartphone!

You just log into your account, and select Skype to go, and add the person’s contact number.
(I was only able to create 9 )
One low monthly fee to make unlimited calls to landlines , any time, any day with Skype
Get an Unlimited Europe calling subscription from Skype – £2.95/month. ( or equivalent in Euros)
Once you have saved the number, you’ll receive a text from Skype with a local number( you can specify your neareast locality).
If you have selected a phone plan of your mobile phone provider  with unlimited landline calls, the call will be free from your phone to the Skype out number. Call quality varies, most of the time it’s pretty good, but have also experienced calls with a lot of bankground noise.
If you have bought a subscription to say France ,and the number you are calling is in France( so you can call France for free) there are no charges.
If you don’t have a subscription, but  just have Skype credit, there is a connection charge and of course the Skype charges..

Ok, so that’s great for those who have Skype/credit card…. so for those that don’t have Skype/credit card …………

I have just discovered that Tesco Mobile( who – as far as I know ) now have the best International rates, and it’s all prepaid, so no contract etc.

They are having a super offer to call a range of countries( like Australia, UK) at 1 Cent a minute till the end of September.
So you can buy a tesco phone for under 20 Euros, and you can ring( international landlines) at these super keen rates.
Tesco Mobile also offers double credit, so if you spend 10 Euros, you get 10 Euros for free ( up to 30 Euros). The free credit gets used first, and is only applicable to local calls and texts, so if you are only calling internationally, the free credit will not be used.

You can simply order a sim, and as long as your phone is unlocked, you can use it straight away. It might come in handy even if you are visiting Ireland ( and assuming your phone is unlocked).

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