Presidential elections and a few other things

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As the presidential election is in its final day and voters will be casting their votes tomorrow, I thought I’d tell you about the other things that are happening in Ireland. 
The presidentials elections ( like in any other country ) are always a recipe for controversy! You can read the latest one here...  
Check out this Wiki , the are ( affectionally) called the magnificent 7 ( though I’d rather call them the 7 musketeers if there was such a thing, normally it’s the 3 musketeers).
I was listening to htt:// yesterday, and was touched by the story of JJ Kane. You can listen to it here : and select the 1/2 o’clock repeat.
As you can read here thanks to the radio program, well over 10 000 Euros was raised for JJ.
It wasn’t looking great  a few days ago, when his parents were refused financial help from the HSE, as you can read here
I was just so happy to hear it’s all going to work out!! 
I was also delighted to read the Benhaffaf twins ( who were born conjoined)were fitted with prosthetic limbs, and it appears they are thriving, kicking footballs and climbing where they shouldn’t, like any other little boys!
And last but not least.. it seems we have bettered our own record with regards to rainfall! Check out this article..
Data from the agency shows that 82mm of rain – around three-and-a-quarter inches – of rainfall was recorded at Casement Aerodrome at Baldonnell in south Dublin yesterday – the highest amount ever recorded for any date in October, which is more than 1 months of rainfall in a matter of hours,and this meant complete mayhem, particularly in Dublin.
I am in Galway, and we had our fair share of floods 2 years ago, and I really hope all goes back to normal fast..

Here is a clip of Dundrum Shopping centre when it was flooded..

That’s it for me!

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