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I had great fun and also shed a few tears watching yesterday’s episode of  Don’t tell the bride!
They are looking for new couples to take part, so if you are getting married and want your (other/better) half to organize it all, why not give them a call…
You can also view it here : http://www.rte.ie/player/#!v=1116551
Here is the info..
The concept of the series is that a couple, who are madly in love and
can’t afford to marry, are given 10k for the wedding of their dreams.
But there’s a catch, a very big catch. They must get married within
three weeks and the groom has to arrange everything, from the dress to
the venue. He and his bride are contractually bound to have no contact
until the big day.
The couples hand over their mobile phones and sign a contract, in the
presence of a lawyer, before separating for the three weeks the groom
has to organise the wedding.
His best man and groomsmen can help with all the arrangements and the
choosing of the wedding dress, but at the end of the day it’s his bride
he is aiming to please.
There are six episodes in this run of the series featuring couples
from Dublin, Sligo, Cork, Donegal, Meath and Carlow. Some of the couples
have cancelled previous wedding dates due to redundancy, others just
haven’t been able to get it together to get wed.
Within the series we see a couple from Dublin, who’ve intended to
marry three times before, get married in a land mark venue that’s never
before hosted a wedding. One bride gets a helicopter ride to her local
church, while a groom makes a disasterous decision about the wedding
There are tears and tantrums throughout, but always a happy ending.
Don’t Tell The Bride’ is back!
Would you like €10,000 for your wedding BUT would you trust your man
to plan the wedding day of your dreams? Is he up to finding everything
from the dress to the venue? Don’t Tell The Bride is looking for couples
Call us on             01 4970817       or email info@cocotelevision.ie
Here is a link to all the weddings been done!
Looking forward to the next episode already!


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