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Hi all,

As I mentioned before, I opened up a Parcelmotel account the other day to see how it all works!

It’s a great idea, you can use it to get products delivered to a Parcelmotel if you are not home or live somewhere where the couriers can never find you OR it offers a great workaround if you are shopping online from the UK, as it reduces the shipping charges drastically:) 
You can check out my article here.

So how does it work:

1. Open an account – choose either the UK address or the Dublin address, depending how you wish to use it and then select the nearest Parcelmotel location.
2. Register your preferred Payment method. You can do ” Pay as you Go” only if you register a credit/debit card. You can also pay with Paypal, but the minimum top up is 10.00 Euros
3. I had not registered a card, so I received a text that there was not sufficient credit on my account to process the package, so I went online, logged in, and registered my Visa Debit Card.
4. I then received a text and email  to say that my parcel was ready for pick at my location( which was in Ennis) and it also included a pin number.
5. The below video show you how you retrieve your package, you just have to enter the mobile phone number you have specified in your account and then enter the PIN number, and then a door pops open!
(It was the better half who was tasked to fetch the parcel:) )
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