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Burren Perfumery fragrances, which one is your favourite?

Have you tried the Burren Perfumery Fragrances?

Looking for a Christmas gift for someone, or just want to treat yourself? What fragrance to choose from the Burren Perfumery ? Oh the choices .. 7 fragrances to choose from in the range from The Burren Perfumery….

Burrren Perfumery Fragrances

Picture of some of the fragrances from Burren Perfumery

Which one is your favourite Burren Perfumery fragrance?

But how to pick one when you don’t know how they smell? 

I browsed the Burren Perfumery website  and found exactly what I was looking for , a  tester kit of all their perfumes called the Fragrances Discovery pack!


At 30 Euros, you are getting a wonderful box with 7 vials of The Burren Perfumery fragrances, each 5 ml, for you to try  and smell nice and then make up your mind which one is your favourite! Very prompt dispatch meant my order arrived next day, and I could start trying each fragrance.

My favourite fragrance of the Burren Perfurmery?

After having tried them all, my favourite Burren Perfumery fragrance is the Man of Aran I loved it! Although you may think this is a perfume for men, it is a fragrance for men and women. A modern fresh sea cologne with a citrus top note and woody base notes of the mosses, lichens and barks of the Burren. So I placed a second order, just in time for father’s day, which is celebrated in Ireland on the 3rd Sunday in June. I still have my tester, and love the way my husband smells every day 😎 

Any deals at the Burren Perfumery ?

Best to check on their website or why not subscribe to their newsletter at the bottom of their page and get 10% off your first order. You can also join their affiliate program where you and your friend can earn 5 Euros on their order. I have joined their affiliate program, so if you click on any of the links, follow the instructions and get 5 Euro off. I’ll also get 5 Euros so I can invest in my next purchase – I am looking at their creams and soaps at the moment.. Can’t wait to try them:)

I wrote an article with local businesses offering local pick-up or delivery in the #burrenlowlands ! I am about to update the article with more businesses, if you would like to get included ( or know of a business that should be on this  list), please contact me here.

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