Happy New year!!! Switch and save, it’s that easy! Slash your electricity bill in 2014!

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Happy New Year to you all! Thank you all  for visiting my blog!
I started a Facebook page at the end of 2013, as although I can have up to 100 visitors a day on my blog, it’s hard to know who is visiting my blog, and who may have questions.
You can find the facebook page here :  please come and say hello!
Bills bills, they come all the time, but I don’t often review them, or have a moment to contemplate if I am paying too much, or if there are better deals around..
Trust  me, there are always better deals around, it’s just a matter of finding out and then switching. I know, I hear you say, but is it worth it…. it only makes X of a difference… still it’s more money in your pocket( for a weekend away, a little treat, or an unexpected other bill:(  

I checked our electricity bill, we have been with Airtricity since 2010 when they had this big campaign to switch to Airtricity and save 10 %( for a year) if you paid by direct debit and their budgetplan ( ie you pay the same each month- I would recommend it as no unexpected high bills during the winter etc)
The 10 % discount has of course long expired, and we are paying ( well shortly were) paying 16.46 cent per unit. I contacted them and although they can’t sign me up again with their special deals for new customers), they offered me an instant discount  of 8 %  – ok, that’s better than nothing.. the unit rate is now down to 15.77 cent – a 13 Euro saving per month.
(So even if you couldn’t be bothered to switch, that one phone call with SAVE you money – a phone call worth making, here is their number: 1850 81 81 10 )
I then contacted Bord Gais – and it turns out that their unit rate is 16.28 cent – which is lower than the Airtricity one( which is 16.48  cent) ( their number is 1850 632 632 )
I tried to decipher Airtricity rates, there are lot’s of them!! You can find them here
Anyway, Bord Gais is offering a 10 % on their standard rate of 16.28 – so unit rate is down to 14.65 -> an extra saving of 3 % -> so total monthly saving of  18.81 euros
Over a year -> 18.81 * 12 = 225.72 Euros!!!!
You can find the Bord Gaises rates here – they are a little bit easier to comprehend!
Both providers have introduced a reward scheme,which is interesting!
Bord Gais has teamed with Tesco – so every time you pay your bill, you accrue Tesco points, that you can offset on your bill, or use towards your shopping in Tesco’s OR use towards things like Dublin Zoo etc.
Airtricity has teamed up with AppleGreen ( Petrol stations on the Motorway), so if you are doing a lot of traveling up and down the country, you’ll get lot’s of points, which you can then offset on your bill, this will add up  nicely too!) More  info here 
Just need to find the key now to do a meter reading, and then we can start saving:), as have figured out the MPRN number, so once I have done a meter reading, we’ll head over to Bord Gais( for a year I’d say and then I’ll review again!)
Next on my list is switching banks – have always been with AIB( ie 20 years!!!) but it’s time to change too!! More about that in my next post!
Check out Bonkers for other bills you wish to cut down!

Happy New year!!!

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