Health insurance in Ireland – players in the Irish Market

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Just a quick post on Health Insurance in Ireland.

Check out this  this article in Wikipedia about Health Insurance in Ireland, it gives a good overview of how it all works in Ireland.

Another website I would recommend you bookmark is called citizensinformation.
Variety of subjects covered, health care in Ireland being one of them. Please check this article !
Although less “official”, do have a look at Boards , as you’ll find you are not alone in having questions about your plan, provider, costs.

If you are looking to buy Health Insurance in Ireland, there are a few players in the market:

The Voluntary Health Insurance Board (VHI)
is the largest (and oldest)provider of voluntary private health insurance.
Laya Healthcare, formerly QUINN-healthcare,
Hibernian Aviva,
HSF Health Plan( Hospital Saturday Fund) – more info here

There is a  another great informative website that allows you to compare plans, check providers etc.
I would recommend you check it out The Health Insurance Authority
It seems 2014 is the year that all the various providers are increasing their prices, so it’s in your  own interest to shop around. I have heard stories of people ringing  their current provider and slashing hundreds off their renewal price, so do sit down and call your current provider.
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