Visit tot the W5 science and discovery centre at Odyssey in Belfast and Fat Dad

Hi all,

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday Evening! It’s been a very sunny day here in Galway, and we went for a walk in Coole Park! I took a newly found French friend of mine for the walk, as I wanted to show her Coole Park. It’s one of my all time favourite parks, and I don’t think she was disappointed! Pity the restaurant isn’t open yet, I saw a sign that it will open next weekend:)
We were up North last weekend, to attend a funeral, and decided to stay a few days days longer. It’s a long drive from Galway ( 5 hours) so it makes sense to take in some sights. 

We had been to the W5 museum before, and thought we’d go again, as you never have enough time to see all the floors. The great thing about going there is that the kids can try and explore, so no need to run after them to tell them they can’t touch. It starts as you enter, where you can simulate how to make steam.

There was a light show, which explained about light, the power of light, the rainbow and much more.

There were a number of new displays or activities. Suffice it to say I did NOT climb to the top of this climbing structure called Climbit. The kids did and they loved it!

Rueben had great fun standing in a virtual goal, and Alex tried flying a plane with the flight simulator!
Definitely worth a visit if you are in Northern Ireland. Across from the W5 is the Titanic Museum, also very much worth a visit. 
A word of advise, book your ticket ahead, as they get so busy, you may be refused entrance if you turn up without a booking!
So what about Fat Dad? When we got home, the boys were saying there is a way to remember all the 6 counties in Northern Ireland, and it’s by the two words of FAT DAD.
F: Fermanagh
A: Antrim
T: Tyrone
D: Derry ( previously Londonderry)
D: Down 
More next week:)

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